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Attendance Policy
RSS Attendance Guidelines
1.  The following is the standard we expect from our students at RSS. 

     Teachers are to use their own professional judgment with respect to excused/unexcused absences.

2.  Attendance is a legal requirement, and is not intended to be punishment.

3.  Teachers take attendance on all students that appear on the class list from the first day that classes commence.

4.  If teachers are seeking Admin. involvement, please ensure that you have followed all of the
     required teacher interventions first.


Please note that the following steps do not need to happen in sequence - they should be based on the unique circumstances and specific needs of each individual student.    At all times, our expectation is that commen sense should prevail in each case.

Teacher Interventions (after 3-5 Absences)
• Discuss with student
• Contact made with parent/guardian
* must speak with or meet with, email confirmation-
not just leave a message.
• Consult with other teachers (can access
names of other teachers in MyEd).
• Identify support groups such as 1st
Nations, Behaviour., BCIT,
counsellor, other intervention support.

Admin Interventions (after 3-5 Absences)

• 1-day In-School suspension with supporting materials from teachers to get caught up on missed work.  At the teacher's discretion, students on In School Suspensions may be invited to participate in classes that they deem too important to miss portions of.  Upon completion of this part of the lesson, the student will return to serving their suspension for the remainder of the day.

• Contact parents to notify of suspension.

Teacher Interventions (after 6-8 Absences)
• Informal teacher meeting to discuss
concerns and inform Alpha appropriate
• Teacher interventions to be documented
in MyEd and a copy given to the Alpha appropriate

Admin Interventions (after 6-8 Absences)

• After teacher consultation, a letter from
administrator goes home.
• Administrator makes contact with parent.
• 2 or 3 day In-School suspension
 with supporting materials from
teachers to get caught up on missed


Admin Interventions (after 10 Absences)

• Student may be withdrawn from class depending on circumstances.



 EXCUSED Absences
• Student illness
• Health appointments
• Observance of religious holiday
• Family emergency
• Personal safety issues
• Principal’s discretion
• School trip/event (sports, etc)
*Parent must contact the office, with a phone call or note, for the absence to be excused.​