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School Fees

​Activity and Cultural Fee: The Board of Trustees has approved a fee schedule (Activity and Cultural Fee) for Goods, Services, Deposits and Rentals for Middle and Secondary Schools in the Central Okanagan. The Activity and Cultural fee is a yearly fee of $30 for all grades. This fee will include school wide performances, items and events that will benefit the student population.

Field Study Expenses: Field studies that are over and above what is provided in regular curriculum may be charged a fee. Information on cost will be provided on the permission slips.

Course fees: Students in applied skills and fine arts courses may choose to do different projects or use different material; they will be required to pay for these items before they begin the project. Physical Education fees will include travel and entry for field trips.

Academy Course Fees are posted in the school course catalogue. These fees cover all costs associated with the academy. ie: instructional fees, some transportation and venues. 

Payment for school fees are made online using debit or Mastercard/Visa at: Signing up with School Cash Online gives parents the opportunity to reprint their receipts as many times as needed, receive emails when new fee/fieldtrips are added, have automatic withdrawals for payment installments (where available) and receive reminder emails for outstanding fees. If you are having any problems using the system, please do not hesitate to contact the office.  As has always been the case in the Central Okanagan School District, if there are problems with paying fees due to hardship, parents should contact the administration of RSS.