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Career Life Programs


Career Life Programs  

Every student will graduate with the attributes, credentials and experiences to connect their career life plan with their individual talents and passions in pursuit of a balanced, meaningful and fulfilling life.

Career Programs Team:

  • ​Mike Charland   - WEX                                                                        

  • Chris Werry - BCIT Coordinator                                                     

  • Jennifer Skogstad - CLP Coordinator/Scholarships/Bursaries 

  • ​Lindsay Robb - CLP Coordinator/Scholarships/Bursaries         

  • Holly Walter - Career Life Programs Secretary/BCIT                  

  • ​Teresa Banka - Career Life Programs Secretary/ Textbook Clerk                      

Students looking to track their 30 hours toward Grad Transition/Capstone, forms are available in the Career Centre.