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Club Library


​Welcome to Club Library! 

​​As a new member you will begin the Club Library assignment at STEP ONE!

Create a folder called Club Library on your own H:Drive to make sure your work is savedreadingvd.jpg

  • Each time you come to the library you will complete an additional step!
  • Each assignment  has a time requirement, and is worth marks for the class you are missing.
  • All completed work should be handed in to the Library Hand In folder on the I: Drive. (Do not save to I;drive;  copy and paste!)

Please use your name and step number in the document's FILE name​


Step One: Time needed: 1/2 class, worth 10 marks1 Quick Research.docx

Step Two:Time needed: Full class, worth 20 marks2 Mindmap.docx

Step Three:Time needed: 1/2 class, worth 10 marks 3 Timeline.docx

​​​Step Four:Time needed: 1/2 class, worth 10 marks 4 Book Search.docx

Step Five:Time needed: Full class, worth 20 marks 5 Collage.docx

Step Six:Time needed: 2 Full classes, worth 40 marks 6 Presentation.docx


Additional steps:

Step Seven: Time needed: 1/2 class, worth 10 marks  7 Books about Survival.docx