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Aboriginal Education
The Aboriginal Program is located in room 1253. Here we support students with academics through our teacher Ms. Heather Reid and Advocate Steve Kelly during the school day Monday through Friday. We also offer home work support afterschool 3:15 to 4:00 Monday through Thursday. We liaise with teachers and work in cooperation with them to attain student success. At lunchtime our room is also open to students to socialize and participate in cultural activities. We also provide a hot lunch to all Rutland Sr. Secondary students on a first come first serve basis. The lunch is prepared daily by our Resource department who's students are mastering their life skills with food preparation/shopping/and menu planning.

There are areas in the room featuring Aboriginal cultures such as the Okanagan, Metis and territories in Canada. There are cultural demonstrations at lunch time and community events posted. Working with the Kelowna Friendship Society, Metis Association, Lake Country Native Association, West bank First Nations we offer opportunities for students to engage in Aboriginal youth events and events for families. Refer to events below.

Advocates ​foster transitioning students to post secondary education, within the SD23's Okanagan College and BCIT programs as well as UBCO & other Okanagan College programs. We liaise with these institutions, bridging students to their supports and removing barriers to their success. We help students take the appropriate classes for entrance requirements and help with bursaries, scholarships and contacting Band offices for funding.

If you need an update on your students progress or have concerns, please contact us :

Heather Reid        ​                 Tel (250) 870-5110 ext.7580
Chris Williamson     
Advocates  Tel (250)870-5110 ext. 7580​​

Steve Kelly              
Kyla Lavallee        
Clair Mearn          
The District Principal of Aboriginal Education is 
Joanne De Guevara Tel (250)870-5144  Email
Aboriginal Cultural Department: Karen Chase & Claudia Hardy (250) 870-5144​ 

ABORIGINAL BURSARY and Status information   there is a new search tool that can locate bursaries & scholarships for aboriginal students.
The website will also show resources for Aboriginal people like: forms, and information on Status process. Another great website to help research for Aboriginal heritage is "First Nations Profile".
To renew Status cards call either: 
  •  Vernon Okanagan Band office at 1-250-542-4328 ext. 218 Veronica Wilson to book appointment
  • West bank First Nations Community Services 250-768-0227 Audrey Wilson to book appointment


R' Native Voice 11 - In partnership with the Okanagan Alliance, "R'Native Voice" will provide workshops that are culturally meaningful as well as relevant skills, and connect with community. Course units include: Aboriginal History, Beliefs & values, Cooking, Depression & Suicide, etc.

English 10 First Peoples - Open to everyone, this course is the subject to a Provincial Exam and is the equivalent of English 10. The course content explores First Peoples provincially, nationally and internationally. Multi media formats are used to learn about experiences, values, lived realities of dramatic work, dance, song as well as fiction & non-fiction literature.

Aboriginal Outdoor Education - This course runs a whole day as there are many fieldtrips where students learn to use GPS tools, plant identification & uses, survival skills, salmon spawning, snowshoeing etc. In class studies include cultural presentations and explorations. Students earn 8 credits.