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Cutter's Edge


Cutter's Edge is a service-learning program at Rutland Senior Secondary.  Students learn life and vocational skills in a business-like environment.  Students work through the process of creating cards to selling and delivering their cards. The classroom is structured in a way to allow for different work areas.  Each area works on different skills, from cutting to embossing.  Students learn the important skills of organizing, retail sales and presenting to different groups.

Money raised from the sale of cards not only goes back into the Cutter's Edge Program, but students get paid for the piece work they accomplish during their class time.  Donations of extra money are also made to great community causes.

Thank you for your support of our service-learning Cutter's Edge program.  

To order cards or for more information, please contact:

Susan Schmalz at Rutland Senior Secondary


Phone: 250-870-5110  Ext.: 6881

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